Problem Landscape

Today, over 780 Million people globally have no access to clean water, and up to 8 Million people die annually from preventable diseases such as Cholera and Dysentery, contracted from drinking contaminated water. Due to poverty and remoteness, bottled water is widely considered an unaffordable luxury in the communities in which JuaMaji operates. This means people are forced to drink water from unsafe and often badly maintained boreholes, making them contract potentially deadly waterborne diseases, and causing hundreds of children to miss school due to illness. The issue of affordable and reliable food sources is also notable in the communities in which we operate, with meat and fish often being overpriced, leading to widespread malnutrition.

By implementing its innovative solar distillation system in remote communities in Kenya and Malawi, JuaMaji is able to help those most in need. Our unique tent design provides people with a reliable source of safe drinking water, while the fish farming business run in parallel ensures a sustainable and affordable source of food for the entire community.

Our Vision

JuaMaji's vision is to ensure equitable access to an affordable and reliable source of clean water in the communities in which we operate, while providing a reliable source of food, through the self-sustaining fish-farming businesses run by the entrepreneurs we empower.